“Miracle Water” declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has on Tuesday declared Fiji’s Miracle Water as a World Heritage site.

A water from a spring found in Tailevu in Fiji has received the noble international recognition every tourist site prays for.

The water, nicknamed “Miracle Water” because of its powers to heal all kinds of ailments is reported to receive the highest number of tourist arrivals in Fiji who queue to “receive their miracles”.

The Minister for Industry & Trade and Tourism, Faiyaz Koya appreciated the recognition by UNESCO and promised to develop the site to attract more international tourists, hence increase in tourist receipts.

“This is another momentous occasion in the life of the Miracle Water that has now been declared World Heritage Site. This is confirmation of the true value of the Water in the cultural heritage and history of the country – a real feather in our cap.” – Faiyaz Koya added.

The declaration means that the Site is “now a site of international, cultural significance that will get high level attention from government and its agencies”, explains Faiyaz.

“As the legally mandated ministry for the site, it makes our work easier because we can approach various national partners to support us in our endeavours to manage, conserve, maintain and promote the Water site,” he says.

Water from a spring near a village in Tailevu Province, Fiji, has been found to be miraculously healing people with skin diseases, dietetic patients, eye problems and other diseases.

The news of the miracle water from Natadradave spring healing people with diseases has reached many people around the country and the Pacific who are flocking in numbers to the site.



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