UK finally responds to ‘no visa policy’ report after it goes viral

MANILA – Reports have been making rounds on the internet that the United Kingdom has granted the Philippines a “no visa policy” which allows all Filipinos to enter the English country with visas.

The British High Commission has been forced to respond to these reports.

Citizens of Philippines who thought they were are about to benefit from a “UK free-visa endorsement” will be sadly disappointed, as the British High Commission has confirmed the report is completely untrue.

A report which was posted to a number of different social media platforms and received hundreds of shares stated that the visa changes were based on “the assumption of Theresa May as the new British Prime Minister, UK has announced a visa-free entry for all Filipinos.”

Isabel Potgieter, spokesperson for the British High Commission says the report is completely untrue.

“We can confirm that no changes have been made to the UK’s visa regime for citizens of Philippines.”

Potgieter advised that travellers planning to visit the UK should check the correct information on UK visas and immigration for their individual travel arrangements.



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